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The fine print.

Last Updated June 11, 2019

First and foremost, know that Lights Film School (owned and operated by “Lights Media Collective LLC”) is strongly committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with our websites, features, and services. We want to provide a safe and secure environment for you as our visitor, customer, and student.

Certificate and Accreditation

Lights Film School is a non-accredited private education provider. Due to the high costs of accreditation (that would subsequently increase student enrollment costs), we prefer to keep our online film school affordable and have designed Lights Film School without accreditation, so as to make the learning as accessible as possible.

However, all students who complete the course (including all 5 assignments, demonstrating that they’ve put the learning into practice) will receive a personalized completion certificate, celebrating and commemorating their accomplishment! A digital version is issued by default, but a physical version is available and can be mailed upon request.

Duration of Your Studies and Lights Film School Access

If you enrolled after April 13, 2019, then you have access to all Lights Film School features available at the time of your enrollment. As of April 13, 2019, this includes lifetime access to all 6 modules of Lights Film School’s core curriculum and associated features for as long as they’re available, including progress tracking, hands-on exercises, bonus media libraries, downloadable workbooks, and completion certificate eligibility.

Premium Membership is purchased separately and renews automatically each year unless canceled. It adds access to the Workshop archives and various community areas, including the Cantina, Networking area, and Alumni Lounge area.

Premium Membership also unlocks the 5-assignment teacher feedback bundle, included and valid for 1 year from the date of your enrollment in Lights Film School (or in the case of students who enrolled before July 27, 2018, the date of your account reactivation).

The feedback bundle cannot be renewed. If you wish to commission assignment feedback after the bundle expires – or if you wish to commission extra feedback beyond the 5 reviews, at any time – then you may purchase a feedback add-on.

If you enrolled between July 27, 2018, and April 13, 2019, then you have lifetime access to your course(s) and Premium Membership features for as long as they’re available. If you enrolled before July 27, 2018, and you wish to resume your studies, then there will be a small reactivation fee, granting you the same access as students who enrolled after April 13, 2019. Plus, as a sort of “Welcome Back!” gift, you’ll receive 1 year of Premium Membership 100% for free. This includes the 5-assignment teacher feedback bundle, in accordance with the terms described above, enabling you to get feedback on any assignments you did not submit before your account expired.

We’ll be glad to have you with us again and say hello!

Community Guidelines

Students must abide by a code of conduct. Lights Film School is our community. By participating in Lights Film School, a student is agreeing to treat our community and everyone in it – regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age – with respect at all times. 

Failure to honor these guidelines will result in account suspension or deactivation, at our team’s sole discretion. We work hard to make the Lights Film School educational experiencing a safe and productive one for everyone around the world.

Third Party Websites and Services

Enrollment in Lights Film School grants access to a curated selection of filmmaking-related third party websites and services. Your use of these websites and services is subject to their individual terms of use and privacy policies.


As a student, you are required to obtain and pay for your own production insurance. Lights Film School is not responsible in any way for personal injury, property damage, or other damages directly or indirectly caused by students’ projects or interactions.

Number of Registered Users per Enrollment

One enrollment grants access to the Lights Film School educational experience for one user. If multiple people wish to use an account, then the corresponding number of enrollments must be purchased.

In other words, we only allow one user per enrollment/account. The same applies to Premium Membership and all associated features.

Age Minimum

We require our students to be 18 years of age or older at the time of enrollment.

If a parent or guardian decides to enroll an individual younger than 18 years of age in our course, then they are agreeing to them being presented with some adult themes, since some of our teaching materials reference films that are unrated and/or rated “R” by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 15 day money-back guarantee. However, in order to receive a 100% refund, we ask that our customers do not upload for review any of their completed assignments before asking for their money back. $47 will be deducted for each assignment uploaded if the customer does request a refund.

Acceptance of Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Your use of Lights Film School’s websites, services, and features constitutes your acceptance of these terms of use as well as our Privacy Policy and any changes.


We’re here for you. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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Here’s what they have to say!

“Lights Film School is the ideal stepping stone; I love how it takes you through the entire filmmaking process. Learning the technical side was appealing & the course exceeded my expectations. The tutors are experienced & incredibly knowledgeable. Lights opened a whole new world for me.”

Aaron Falvey

“Having a dream to create films, but not having any real formal training made me a prime candidate for Lights Film School… I revisited my final project, and it was broadcast on local PBS stations. Thanks for giving me a solid foundation and the confidence to follow my dreams!”

Gregory Fish

“Lights Film School has been an amazing experience! By the time I graduated, I had secured two film jobs, developed my showreel, and achieved film schooling! Lights is the perfect school for anyone who wants to work towards a film certificate whilst having enough time for a full-time job.”

Nick Kingan

With limited time and experience, I enrolled in Lights Film School. I’m so glad that I did. It was challenging while still being supportive and accessible. Instructors were very attentive and the online school community was always open to sharing ideas and experience. The online platform itself was quick to learn and easy to follow. I’ve come away with technical skill, a honed lens for what makes a good film, and the confidence to pursue this career!

Kelly Legge

“I am very pleased with how thoroughly the program is constructed with theoretical knowledge, concrete examples, videos and other material. My filmmaking skills have reached a completely different level after studying at Lights. Especially the feedback from the teachers has been priceless!”

Jussi Pohjolainen

“The flexibility of the Lab Chats allowed me to work around my busy schedule. The live lectures are very thorough in covering the necessary elements relevant to developing my skills as a filmmaker. They also give me an opportunity to ask questions directly to industry professionals.”

Sharvon Urbannavage

“It’s easy to recognize and respect the expertise of the instructors, who have been responsive to my questions as well as helpful and generous with their direction. The chatroom lecture format has been surprisingly easy to get used to. They’ve helped improve my work enormously.”

Charlie McDougall

“I would like to thank Lights Film School and everyone who is a part of your program! Because of Lights Film School, I now work in video full time and have made some really awesome short independent films that have gotten attention from big name video game developers and publishers.”

Jason Forge

“There are, undoubtedly, many free filmmaking resources on the internet, but these are scattered and disconnected… The Lights Film School course, conversely, guides its students through a highly structured curriculum with regular assignments and excellent feedback!”

Julian Eyre


Then we invite you to start learning how to create professional narrative and documentary films, using the gear you already have, wherever you live.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, with guidance, community, and resources from beginning to end!

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