Here’s what it’s like to be a part of Lights Film School, in our students’ own words.

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve had the opportunity to teach talented people from literally all over the world. They’re passionate about cinema and filmmaking, eager to put in the work and go after their dreams.

Sound familiar? Then you’re in good company!

If you’re wondering what it’s like to study with Lights Film School and be a part of our community, then we invite you to hear from our students past and present.

We hope their firsthand experiences will give you a good idea!

“Because of my schedule, I couldn’t attend film school, which is also quite a big investment. I got to know Lights Film School and understand a very different value proposition… And for me it made complete sense. It really makes you start getting your hands dirty within the filmmaking process, even if you have never done it. It’s a safe space, and you learn so much.”

Julia Johansson

“I had just started to take an interest in the film industry. And since film schools are very expensive, I thought Lights Film School would be a good alternative. The program helped me improve in all aspects of filmmaking… I got to take my time, making sure that I really mastered the different teachings. It allowed me to put my absolute best into my final project!”

Raphaël Kadishi

“Lights Film School is the ideal stepping stone; I love how it takes you through the entire filmmaking process. Learning the technical side was appealing and the course exceeded my expectations. The tutors are experienced and incredibly knowledgeable. Lights opened a whole new world for me.”

Aaron Falvey

“Lights Film School has been a blessing to me. I don’t want to lie, the journey was a highly emotional one and I never thought I’d make it through (it took me a year to finish) but I made it through as LFS has such a detailed course structure that guides you to glory. The folks at LFS are passionate at what they do and the passion is contagious. I can safely say I truly am a better filmmaker.”

Alroy Ndhlovu

“Hi Lights Film School, just wanted to let you know that my debut feature doc Hostage To the Devil went out worldwide on Netflix in January 2017. As an alumni of your course, I just wanted to thank you for your help and support during the early educational stages. I’m looking to direct my first live action feature in the spring as well as direct other film and TV projects that are on the horizon. Again, thanks to your course, I was able to receive the tuition, constructive feedback and guidance that was vital for me to move forward in my career.”

Marty Stalker

“The information is top-notch… Far better than my night school courses at my local film school. I am so glad I found you… The person who wrote this course is definitely brilliant, and promotes film as a worthy art form. I am having a most enjoyable time reading the information and trying to apply it.”

Cynthia C.

“Thank you for the constructive feedback. It was very helpful and I’m glad you didn’t just say, It’s great, keep up the good work!’, like some teachers do. While that is very sweet, you don’t learn anything from it. These were very good points, all of which I see where I could have improved!”


“The flexibility of the Lab Chats allowed me to work around my busy schedule. The live lectures are very thorough in covering the necessary elements relevant to developing my skills as a filmmaker. They also give me an opportunity to ask questions directly to industry professionals.”

Sharvon Urbannavage

“Thank you so much for your kind feedback! I’m really glad and truly excited that you liked my script! ? You read the subtext in the play exactly the way I wanted it to be read. I am also happy that I was able to expose the characters effectively… From reading through the lectures, I saw that putting in too many descriptions of characters’ actions and emotions should be sparse, and I deliberately took away a bunch. But, I see so much more subtext that I can put in in terms of actions and body language. I really appreciate your feedback.”


“It’s easy to recognize and respect the expertise of the instructors, who have been responsive to my questions as well as helpful and generous with their direction. The chatroom lecture format has been surprisingly easy to get used to. They’ve helped improve my work enormously.”

Charlie McDougall

“When I joined Lights Film School, I never expected a huge amount of information, although I’ve worked in this field since 2003 as editor and director. Honestly Lights Film School repositioned me to right place, this course changed my view, perspective, and vision toward the film industry. Now I feel blissfully proud and more confidence then before, I consider this course new born in my career. Finally, I advise every one has passion and desire to start make his own film, enroll here, do not hesitate.”

Mohammed Alali

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I enrolled at Lights Film School after researching several different options, but rapidly discovered that this hands-on filmmaking program far surpassed any previous expectations.

The course was thorough, giving you everything needed to start making professional films – narrative, documentary, or both – and the responsiveness of the teachers, who are active filmmakers and screenwriters, was amazing, both with their regular feedback on formal assignments and their informal comments in the Cantina.

The flexibility of the program was ideal, allowing one to study in a complementary manner with prior commitments, while the monthly Lab Chats and Theatre with small class sizes were, in essence, in-depth professional seminars.

The Cinematography, Editing, and Sound Design modules were pure gold. New content was often added to the course so that students were up-to-date with industry developments and if you asked questions of any of the teachers, these were rapidly answered. Submissions to film festivals and competitions was encouraged throughout the course and while at LFS, I became the sole filmmaker in the history of Jerry Rudes’s Cinemonde (NYC) to have two films accepted for screening.

Upon program completion, you become a lifetime member of the school’s Alumni Lounge, thus benefiting from further interaction, support and accountability in the making of your films. I cannot thank enough the teachers and support staff at LFS for kickstarting my career and highly recommend the filmmaking program. What you would get at your local film school would not even compare. Best and thank you so much!”

Marcelle Abela

“I’m a VFX and Design student and I’m from Italy and I’ve in enrolled Lights Film School to learn more about producing and directing a Music Video. That program is very helpful for understand how the production of a music video works. The best thing is that this is an online course and you can do it when you want and where you want and it’s the best thing for someone that has no time or not too much money for enrolling in another school. The other good thing about this course is that you can feel free to ask things to the tutors and they will help you as much as they can and this is what I was searching for from an online course. So I wanna say Thank You for all the helpful advice and I wanna say also thank you to all the staff of this school for what you do for making this thing accessible to everyone!”

Giacomo Treviglio

“I would like to thank Lights Film School and everyone who is a part of your program! Because of Lights Film School, I now work in video full time and have made some really awesome short independent films that have gotten attention from big name video game developers and publishers.”

Jason Forge

“Besides, I would like to thank the Lights Film School staff for all the new experiences. The modules were easy to follow. I really enjoyed the combination of theory, examples, assignments and lab chats, I think this combination works well to learn new things. Furthermore, the teachers of Lights Film School are great in giving feedback. It helped me to look at things from a different perspective.”

Saskia de Glopper

“Thank you so much for the detailed response to my film. This was a lot of fun – but very challenging. I agree that the smallest details require attention. This is one big learning curve I am enjoying. Thanks again!”


“I’m really enjoying everything so far – Lights Film School is a wonderful learning environment! I feel I’ve improved a lot because of the powerful combination of well-explained theory and insightful, practical feedback! I had the chance to learn all the basics, but those ‘basics’ are more relevant than some of the stuff they teach here in universities. I’ve produced my best work so far thanks to the guidance of this amazing team, and for that I thank you all a lot.”

Joao Caseiro

“I am very pleased with how thoroughly the program is constructed with theoretical knowledge, concrete examples, videos and other material. My filmmaking skills have reached a completely different level after studying at Lights Film School. Especially the feedback from the teachers has been priceless!”

Jussi Pohjolainen

“Taking Lights Film School’s filmmaking course was a good experience and well worth the time and money. The modules were easy to follow, the instructors were very helpful and encouraging, and I really enjoyed working on the assignments. I especially enjoyed watching the clips from famous directors and cinematographers.”

Masato Akiyama

“To be completely transparent, I didn’t handle the beginning of my pursuit of career well. I had a knack for the creative writing and film early on but I didn’t respect the hard work needed to succeed. I pretty much made every mistake a young filmmaker could make. I had a bad attitude, a bad work ethic and other personality flaws. Alienated a lot of people unfortunately.

But then I saw your film school and thought ‘Maybe this is my shot at redemption. Maybe I haven’t blown it completely.’ So I went ahead and enrolled. I was skeptical because I was convinced I couldn’t get a quality film education from anything other than a 4 year university. I’ve bought books and purchased DVD series, but nothing gave me that in depth experience I wanted. What I was looking for was something cost effective, in depth, project-based and community centered.

I’m glad to saw LFS fit the bill on all levels. The knowledge I’m gaining from the modules is just what I needed and I feel confident that this school is preparing me for the creative expression I always wanted.”

Shomari Sawyer

“This was my first course which covered every topic of movie making: from the beginning to the end. I liked the idea of the Lab Chats. I always learned something new there and took part in some inspiring conversations. The teachers were really helpful and always answered every question.

The theoretical content was supported by different videos, which helped me learn the practical aspects of working on a film set.

Another advantage and benefit for me was that I could also get tips on how to do a good independent movie. One of the nice aspects of Lights Film School is that one can get in touch with people who’d like to stay in the same business.”

Katarzyna Stopa

“I am a motion graphics designer and animator based in Los Angeles. Two years ago, I got a 5D and started using it to shoot video. I’ve never taken a photography or cinematography class; your YouTube channel was my only source of education on how to light and compose a shot.

This is my latest short film that I co-wrote and shot. The motion graphics studio I work for were so excited about it that they asked me to put it up on their website. I’ve been getting an overwhelmingly positive response, and everyone mentions the cinematography in it, and I keep getting asked where I went to school to learn how to shoot, and I keep referring them to your site. So I thought I should write you and say: thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You’ve been an invaluable resource for me and my creative aspirations.

I will never be able to thank you enough. I hope to create many more stories and projects now and hope to share them with you as well.”

Christopher O.

“I am an indie filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia, and I enrolled in Lights Film School’s filmmaking course to increase my current knowledge in not only filmmaking but also directing and writing. I have had many ideas for short films, and my creative side was not happening until I enrolled in Lights Film School.

So far I have completed two modules in the course, which have been Screenwriting and Cinematography. I had no real concept of how to format a screenplay correctly and also had no clue why you do such formatting in the first place. Lights Film School answered all of these questions and certainly opened up doors to show me the way to help assist in the understanding of how important it is to format your screenplay correctly for when you decide to hand the script to a producer.

The Cinematography lectures were quite informative regarding the use of The Rule of Thirds, lines and patterns, the fourth wall, and much more. I have been very pleased with the content of the lectures that Lights Film School has available. There are many external videos of interviews with writers, examples of good framing to help assist in the understanding of the explanations of such topics as cinematography, lighting, and basic composition.

Let me talk a little about the connection of my short film to Lights Film School. The first assignment is to write a short screenplay which involves a catalyst of some form of action to keep the viewer interested. The story must also contain a clear “Beginning, Middle, and End”. All of this is explained in great detail in the Screenwriting Lectures. Then you move onto your Cinematography Assignment to produce a short film using the knowledge you have received from the lectures and edit it to the best of your ability.

I encourage all of you who have an interest in the course to jump on board as you will learn something. I already have! You also learn more and more each time you produce a new project. This is a great starting point with the staff at Lights Film School giving really informative feedback on your assignments to further you as a future filmmaker. I personally look forward to see what lies in store for the rest of the course.

Well done Lights Film School!”

Adam Haywood

“I have been looking at LFS for quite a while, but didnt want to pay hundreds of dollars for a few pages of information that could have been obtained for free from other sites on the internet. I was also looking for a place to study that offered feedback, and a student community that I could exchange ideas with, but I dont have the time or thousands of dollars to attend a brick and mortar college that is specific to the industry. I am not here for a degree, or a step towards a career in filmmaking, rather I wish to become a stronger filmmaker for my own projects. Now that I am here, I can see I made the right decision. LFS is exactly what I have been looking for.”

Robert Stanton

“As a novice filmmaker, I was filled with fear and lack of confidence while talking to people who could help in any ways to have a short film (especially documentary) made. But since I started taking Lights Film School’s courses, especially attending the Lab Chats, I started feeling very different.

According to me, apart from the constructive feedback provided for each one of the assignments, where we really learn a lot about filmmaking is with the Lab Chats. I really appreciated how in less than 2 hours the teachers manage to share a huge amount of information, and also sharing their own experiences and the ones of other filmmakers they met. And even when questions that students ask go further beyond the topic being discussed in the Chat, the teachers still take their time and are really patient to reply in a very nice and detailed way, and also share a lot of useful resources with the students.

Something else I would add is that, personally my main interest is into Documentary Filmmaking, but after attending some of the Lab Chats that focused on Fiction Filmmaking, I quickly started diving into that world as well. Now I’m enjoying being into both. ? Lights Film School is definitely a learning place, novice filmmakers should consider.”

Mohamed Ashraf Bayor

“Knew from the get-go that I was in competent hands. A deeply-structured curriculum with regular assignments and excellent feedback from teachers who know very well Tarkovsky’s cinema! I would like to thank everyone in Lights Film School for this great knowledge and course.”

Kia Aziz

As I leave Lights Film School, I have a deep strong understanding on how to make a great film in my voice! Lights Film School challenged my knowledge and improved my filmmaking skills one hundred fold. The courses are demanding and challenging. You will find instructors who not only critique your work, but absolutely encourage you to continue to improve day by day.

Lights is not easy or simple for students. It is not a chop shop where you pay a fee and expect a certification shortly thereafter. If you are looking for such a place, don’t stop here. This is a program for serious filmmaking students who want to learn. At Lights they appreciate your perspective and what you may see in a film that they did not see. Their comments are strong and direct. If you miss something, they let you know. All the while, they are encouraging you to use your voice in your film to tell your story.

For someone involved in the industry, Lights offered the best of all learning forums. The online classes, the availability of instructors outside of core hours, their technical support (extra clapping here for these folks), all made the curriculum easy to access and fit in with my schedule. Lab Chats, assignments and Online Theatre events are all scheduled regularly to keep students on track and motivated to complete modules. Lights takes concepts and shows you how to use these as practical applications by giving you a solid foundation in film theory.

A great perk is the extensive Lights library. It is filled with tutorials and is readily available for students and alumni. Moving forward I feel confident Lights has provided me with the skill set needed to produce quality content and grow Guapa Films. Best of luck to all the students at Lights Films School. Stay the course. You are in great hands!

Katherine Dickson

“There are, undoubtedly, many free filmmaking resources on the internet, but these are scattered and disconnected… The Lights Film School course, conversely, guides its students through a highly structured curriculum with regular assignments and excellent feedback!”

Julian Eyre

“Lights Film School has been an amazing experience! By the time I graduated, I had secured two film jobs, developed my showreel, and achieved film schooling! Lights Film School is the perfect school for anyone who wants to work towards a film certificate whilst having enough time for a full-time job.”

Nick Kingan

“Thank you for the way you’ve run things over the past year. I’ve gone from never having picked up a camera before to being able to produce something that’s (at least semi-) professional, had such fun and so appreciated your insight, encouragement and feedback. You guys are awesome!”

Kate S.

“Having a dream to create films, but not having any real formal training made me a prime candidate for Lights Film School… I revisited my final project, and it was broadcast on local PBS stations. Thanks for giving me a solid foundation and the confidence to follow my dreams!”

Gregory Fish

“I just wanted to thank you for everything I’ve learned from you. Last year I enrolled in Lights Film School. I made a short video as my final assignment. After that I finally made a feature long documentary I’ve thought about for the last few years. I would like to stress that the knowledge I got at Lights Film School is priceless for me – us – to start and finish this documentary.”

Mirta M.

“You guys are a Godsend. Once we as filmmakers realize that the only thing that is keeping us from making films is the notion that ‘we aren’t real filmmakers until someone buys one of our scripts’ or ‘allows us to direct one of theirs’, we can then get on with the business of being filmmakers – by any means necessary. Thank you for helping me facilitate that process; it’s been a long time coming.”

Roderick T.

“Lights Film School is perfect for anyone wanting to enter the filmmaking world without being able to commit to it full time yet, as you don’t need to spend much money (if any at all) on equipment and can complete the course at your own pace. However this doesn’t make the course any less complete and it teaches you perfectly about all the main aspects of filmmaking. It was an amazing experience to do this course and I learned a lot.

Before starting the course I wanted to become a film director but had only made some very unprofessional short films with my friends. LFS is the perfect bridge between this and actual professional filmmaking work and it sets you on the path to making films on a real set. The teachers explain everything very clearly and the customer support help you with any problem quickly and effectively. Everyone that works at LFS is very nice and helpful.”

Joshua Hallmans

“Thank you so much for your honest input concerning my script. Re-reading it I can see the flaws and will take on all the advice you’ve given. Very good advice.”


“Thank you for the encouraging review. I’ve learned a great deal from it and will be sure to put those principles into practice. I’m very grateful for the time, careful consideration, and precise criticism you give to your students.”

Wangechi Ngari

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lights Film School for giving me the knowledge I need to kickstart a new career.

Before signing up with Lights Film School, I researched many options, but Lights Film School was the only school that allowed complete flexibility.

The course is very much hands on, from ‘go’ you are writing scripts and filming.

The tutors are fantastic – they take the time to carefully look over submitted assignments and always provide thorough and constructive criticism. The lab chats offered are a fantastic way to reinforce lessons, and they provide a personal dimension to the course. They offer a wealth of knowledge, and the level of feedback from tutors makes Lights Film School the best valued course by a long shot.

Lights Film School has given me the confidence to get out there and start making a career out of filmmaking. My course is not even completed, and I have already been awarded a commission to produce a documentary.

Thanks Lights!”

Wayne Camilleri

“Thank you so much for taking the time to review my short film. Your comments are a real eye opener, you have clearly given me direction on how to improve future projects. I particularly appreciated your comments on giving breathing space visually to my characters. I have reviewed footage that I have taken on other projects and it is definitely an area I need to work on.”

Jason P.

“With limited time and experience, I enrolled in Lights Film School. I’m so glad that I did. It was challenging while still being supportive and accessible. Instructors were very attentive and the online school community was always open to sharing ideas and experience. The online platform itself was quick to learn and easy to follow. I’ve come away with technical skill, a honed lens for what makes a good film, and the confidence to pursue this career!”

Kelly Legge

“I didn’t have the $60,000 it necessitated for me to go to film school; I couldn’t afford to do it. So Lights Film School offered me an opportunity to expand my knowledge, but it also fit my budget. Signing up for Lights was the best thing I found myself doing. Their program is bar none… The community at Lights is really for me one of the most exceptional things… Being able to talk to other budding filmmakers across the world. The staff… All amazing people. Having people that you know have your back, that’s definitely what you get being a student at Lights Film School… It’s been a fantastic journey, and I absolutely look forward to being a part of the alumni.”

Travis Hadley

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