Content Creators: How to Sell Your Videos Online With Broadcast-X

Broadcast-X is a new eCommerce platform designed by Lights Online Film School for filmmakers and video content creators that put simply allows you to sell your videos online. Essentially Broadcast-X is an all in one solution for content creators to be able to sell their videos online. Broadcast-X allows you to have a web presence and sell your videos through your own VOD (Video On Demand) platform. You can control and monitor everything from your own administrative backend and your customers get a professional, seamless and easy buying experience from your site.

Broadcast-X was designed as a one-stop-shop to help you sell your videos online: The platform offers:

SD & HD video hosting for your films, shorts, documentaries, special interest film, webisode or instructional videos. Simply upload your videos and set your rental or sale prices from your administrative backend.

Once your video is uploaded we will encode the video for the highest quality playback depending on your customers internet connection (using our adaptive bitrate guidlines). In fact your website will use the same hosting and streaming service that iTunes uses!

Once your video is uploaded your video will be embedded on your website and a customer will be able to watch a promotional trailer for your video and will then be given the option to purchase the video content. If the customers decides to purchase the video then Broadcast-X will unlock the video content giving your customer access to the content for a price and a length of time that is set by you. We designed Broadcast-X with your customer in mind. We put a lot of energy into ensuring the optimal usability (ease and speed of payment).

In your administrative backend you can monitor your website’s traffic and sales statistics. These metrics are invaluable in helping you optimize your video content for higher conversion rates and more sales.

Broadcast-X was designed by a team of video content creators for video content creators. Helping you turn your visitors into paying customers is the main objective of Broadcast-X. We continue to work hard to help video content creators to increase their conversion ratio (CR = ratio of orders to overall site visits). We take everything from design, ecommerce integration, hosting and monitoring into consideration. You can see our attention to detail when you notice the video player skin visually integrates into the rest of your website design, our video hosting service allows your customers to stream HD video content without having to wait and without having to worry about annoying lag. We have also designed our video player to be “responsive” meaning that it works on mobile applications, phones and computers giving you access to an even larger customer base. Best of all, Broadcast-X is scalable allowing you to add new video products as you grow.

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