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Learn how to create professional music videos.

Course Code: MV 300, Music Video
Program Length: 1 – 3 Months
Starting: This Friday
Availability Status: Join by enrollment date
Location: Online & home study
Cost: $295 one-time

What Our Online Music Video Course Includes

This flexible, self-directed course will take most students roughly 1-3 months to finish. The eCourse’s main objective is to teach aspiring music video directors and producers how to make a music video and how to ensure the music video meets the increasingly high expectations of its audience. We cover all topics ranging from the business of music videos to how to properly shoot one.

Specifically, the Music Video Creation Course includes the following modules and units:


Module I: Theory & Business of Music Videos

  1. Introduction
  2. Music Video History & Record Labels
  3. Finding the Right Collaborators
  4. Idea Conceptualization & Imagination
  5. The Visual Hook
  6. Music Video Templates & Structures

Module II: Interviews/Case Studies

  1. Shooting Music Videos with Only Natural Light
  2. A Day in the Life of a Full-Time Music Video Director
  3. A Music Video Can Be Good, Fast, & Cheap. But It Can Only be 2 Out of the 3
  4. Music Video Case Study: Branding Tool for Musicians
  5. Starting Your Own Music Video Production Company
  6. The Required State of Mind for Shooting Music Videos
  7. Focus on Music Video Pre-Production
  8. Fashion Film – the Filmmaker’s New Music Video

Module III: Getting Your Hands Dirty

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Composition and Framing
  3. Lighting
  4. Movement
  5. Tonal Range
  6. Continuity and Shot Flow
  7. Shooting and Production
  8. Editing and Workflow
  9. Color Correction
  10. Titles and Typography
  11. Publishing/Rendering

Your Enrollment Also Includes:

Progress Tracking

Track your progress as you work through your music video studies at your own pace. Students have one year from the date of enrollment to complete the course, but most finish in 1 – 3 months. Progress tracking lets you see where you are in your learning, making it easy to pick up where you left off next time you login. When you complete the course, we’ll issue you a digital course completion certificate with its own serial number, commemorating your accomplishment – plus a hand-signed physical copy upon request.

Community Experience

The Student Hub is the heart of our community, a place for Lights Film School filmmakers of every sort to connect regardless of geographic location. As you progress, you’ll make friends with students and teachers from all over the world, engaging in conversation, constructive criticism, and perhaps even a collaboration here or there. Of course, you’ll be able to personalize your account – add a profile picture, your location, links to your websites, your favorite music videos… It’s up to you!

One-on-One Grading Center

As you work through the course, you’ll complete a series of three assignments, culminating in your very own music video! Our teachers will review your work and provide critical, in-depth coverage to help you improve and grow your abilities as a filmmaker along the way. You’ll also have access to other students’ assignments and reviews. Identify peers with whom you might like to work and learn from both their successes and mistakes. Ultimately, the Grading Center is an open forum for constructive feedback and collective learning.

Video Tutorial & Media Libraries

As a Lights Film School student, you’ll have access to a library of video tutorials we’ve created to help you master the fundamentals of filmmaking. You’ll learn how to use lenses expressively in your music videos, how to manipulate tonal range and contrast ratios, and much more. You’ll also have access to additional resources not directly relevant to most music video productions but essential to many other forms of filmmaking – a script library, sound effects library, and stock music library. We love to shower our students with extras!

Music Video Director Interviews

You’ll glean insights from our in-depth interviews with directors working in the music video world. Learn from the experience and advice of professionals! These filmmakers have hundreds of millions of views to their names and have collaborated with some of the biggest names in music today.

Music Video Forms

Throughout the Music Video Course, you’ll encounter and have access to templates for various forms and contracts that are commonly used by music video directors. For example, budgeting spreadsheets, location release forms, performer release forms, a music video production agreement, music video shot lists, and call sheets.

Bonus! Lab Chats

We’re currently granting all Music Video Course students access to our Lab Chats, live two-to-three hour lectures led by our teachers. They’re a great way to meet your fellow classmates and dive deeper into filmmaking subjects that support your music video craft. In total, we offer 20 hours of Lab Chats scheduled at different times each month, so you’ll be able to attend regardless of what timezone you live in.

An Outcomes-Based Education that Adapts to You

Lights Film School assumes an “outcomes-based” approach in our online education. This means that even though you work through the curriculum, you do so while working on your own music video project. At the end of the course, we’re not interested in “grading” you, per se – instead, we’re interested in reviewing your completed final project. One our our teachers will provide in-depth coverage and critique of your work so that you can be sure that your next project is even stronger.

Everyone who enrolls in our program will have a different interest and focus within the world of music videos. Our course allows you to focus on your unique objectives while simultaneously building your “core knowledge” of the subject. This happens throughout three easy-to-manage and understand modules. Each module outlines the details of what you need to know through a combination of teaching tools: video tutorials, behind-the-scenes photographs, written lectures, and hands-on assignments. In a nutshell, this course is a step-by-step foundation to help you become a better music video director!

Of course, after you’ve fully completed the course as well as your final project, you’ll be issued a personalized course completion certificate to commemorate your accomplishment.

No Equipment-Related or Geographic Barriers

Here at Lights Film School, we strive to create radical access to filmmaking education. So, all you need to enroll in our online Music Video Course is a camera with video capabilities and a computer with editing software. Neither the camera nor the computer with the editing software needs to be the most advanced on the market.

As far as experience and learning materials go, we provide everything! All lessons are accessed online through a website exclusively for our students, from wherever you have an internet connections.

In fact, one of the huge benefits of enrolling in Lights Film School’s Music Video course is that you can join from anywhere in the world. Since we’re a strictly online film school, there are no geographic barriers. We have students literally from all around the world – from the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Argentina, Australia, and the UK, to name only a few. This international mix of filmmakers gives our course something you might not get at a local school.

Want to Learn How to Make a Professional Music Video?

If you want to learn how to become a professional music video director – if you want to start making music videos using the equipment you already have available, wherever you live, with guidance, community, and resources at a fraction of the cost of a traditional education – then our online music video creation course is for you. We’d love to come alongside you in this filmmaking journey!

Sweet. Can I See Some Testimonials?

Sure thing. We love our students, and our students love us!

“Lights Film School is the ideal stepping stone; I love how it takes you through the entire filmmaking process. Learning the technical side was appealing & the course exceeded my expectations. The tutors are experienced & incredibly knowledgeable. Lights opened a whole new world for me.”

Aaron Falvey

“Having a dream to create films, but not having any real formal training made me a prime candidate for Lights Film School… I revisited my final project, and it was broadcast on local PBS stations. Thanks for giving me a solid foundation and the confidence to follow my dreams!”

Gregory Fish

“Lights Film School has been an amazing experience! By the time I graduated, I had secured two film jobs, developed my showreel, and achieved film schooling! Lights is the perfect school for anyone who wants to work towards a film certificate whilst having enough time for a full-time job.”

Nick Kingan

With limited time and experience, I enrolled in Lights Film School. I’m so glad that I did. It was challenging while still being supportive and accessible. Instructors were very attentive and the online school community was always open to sharing ideas and experience. The online platform itself was quick to learn and easy to follow. I’ve come away with technical skill, a honed lens for what makes a good film, and the confidence to pursue this career!

Kelly Legge

“I am very pleased with how thoroughly the program is constructed with theoretical knowledge, concrete examples, videos and other material. My filmmaking skills have reached a completely different level after studying at Lights. Especially the feedback from the teachers has been priceless!”

Jussi Pohjolainen

“The flexibility of the Lab Chats allowed me to work around my busy schedule. The live lectures are very thorough in covering the necessary elements relevant to developing my skills as a filmmaker. They also give me an opportunity to ask questions directly to industry professionals.”

Sharvon Urbannavage

“It’s easy to recognize and respect the expertise of the instructors, who have been responsive to my questions as well as helpful and generous with their direction. The chatroom lecture format has been surprisingly easy to get used to. They’ve helped improve my work enormously.”

Charlie McDougall

“I would like to thank Lights Film School and everyone who is a part of your program! Because of Lights Film School, I now work in video full time and have made some really awesome short independent films that have gotten attention from big name video game developers and publishers.”

Jason Forge

“There are, undoubtedly, many free filmmaking resources on the internet, but these are scattered and disconnected… The Lights Film School course, conversely, guides its students through a highly structured curriculum with regular assignments and excellent feedback!”

Julian Eyre

Plus we’re honored to have had our content featured in places like:


Learn how to create professional music videos, using the gear you already have, wherever you live in the world.

Join by Our Next Enrollment Date, Friday at 11:59 PM EST:


  • 📚 The Complete Music Video Course
    Discover what you need to know to make professional music videos, by progressing through an introduction and all 4 modules of our curriculum at your own pace: Background, Structure, Interviews, and Creation.
  • ⛏ Individualized Project Feedback
    You’ll complete 3 assignments, culminating in your very own music video. Our teachers will provide individualized, critical coverage to help you get better at what you do.
  • 🌎 Exclusive Social Network
    Connect with teachers and peers from around the world, inspire each other, and start building professional relationships.
  • 🕰 Live Interactive Events
    Tune into more than 20 hours of live, teacher-led lectures. Meet your classmates, dive deeper into specific areas of filmmaking, and build your powers of media analysis.
  • 🎉 Bonus Resources
    Get access to sound effects and music collections for use in your student productions and on-demand access to our library of 14 custom video tutorials.
  • 🏅 Course Completion Certificate
    When you complete the course, we’ll issue you a digital course completion certificate with its own serial number, commemorating your accomplishment – plus a hand-signed physical copy upon request.
  • 🎓 Alumni Program
    As a graduate, you’ll be invited to a private community area for continued camaraderie in your filmmaking journey and news of future alumni perks.
  • 💪 Lifetime Access
    You’re a Lights Film School member for life!

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