How to Get More Views on YouTube, Vimeo & Other Video Sharing Sites

How to Get More Views on YouTube

If you’re like most content creators then you probably produce your video content, upload it to video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, promote the video through your social networks and then…. wait. The results are often lackluster.

The problem is that this approach lacks a larger, more thought out broadcasting and publishing plan. It doesn’t matter if your focus is on films, documentaries, music, webisodes, tutorials or special interest videos, you need to educate yourself on the marketing principles that will help you drive substantially more traffic to your videos.


Viral Society is a high-end membership site designed to meet the needs of publishers who want to drive considerably more traffic to their online videos. We help you get more views on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social video sites. We offer an in-depth video promotion course, live online video promotion lectures, a professionally moderated collective learning environment, comprehensive white papers, detailed video monetization case studies and VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) services.


Our community is exclusively focused on helping you drive more awareness to your online videos. Our community is made up of other content creators who share the same goals and interests as you.


Once you sign up for Viral Society the very first thing we do is segment you into a specific industry. For instance, if you produce music content, we will put you into the “music category”. If you’re a filmmaker we put you into the “film category”. Gamers get placed in the “game category”. Designers… you guessed it… the “design category”.

The reason we segment our members is because not all video promotion techniques will work the same across all industries. The publisher of culinary arts content will have very different needs from a publisher who is publishing news content. This allows you to be sub-categorized into a group of members whose interests and obstacles are most closely related to yours.

That being said, you are not restricted from browsing through the progress of members in the other categories. In fact we encourage this, as many unique video promotion ideas can be discovered by thinking outside of the conventions of you specific niche.


Once you are put into a category you are then asked for your current video channel or specific video link that you’re trying to promote. We monitor all of the essential “starting point metrics” for your account. This way we can monitor your progress and verify the results of your efforts. During this time, most of the community features of the site are locked (more on this soon). At this point we ask that you provide us with a case study on your own channel. We require that you look through your metrics and look for information you think would be valuable for our membership base to know about. For example, if a particular activity resulted in a 100% increase in your daily traffic we want to know about it. We keep track of all of this information and store it as part of your profile.

Once you have completed this step, you’ll be given an option to share this information with the rest of our community members. If you decide to do this, the community features become unlocked and you will be given access to every members individual case studies as well. By sharing your one report, you get access to hundreds of others. Each report is unique in its own way, with it’s own promotional ideas that led to varying degrees of promotional success. All of the information in these member case studies are backed up by quantifiable data that has been verified by us.

We have categorized each case study based on your industry so if you want you can search through only the most relevant niches to see how your efforts compared to others. Therefore, by sharing your own results and ideas you’ll be unlocking the power of the small but intelligent and engaged community of video promoters. The goal here is to be as transparent and open as possible with the community. This is the reason we lock this feature of the site when you first become a member. This provides an incentive for you to share your promotional ideas. By locking the site we force participation and openness. By sharing you unlock the true potential of our site. This ensures that not only a few community members are sharing information and the rest are leeching. In our community everybody is both sharing and leeching at the same time.

We practice what we preach and we’re a very active member within our own community, we’ve tested our course on many of our own videos. Our online video database has over a half a million views and over 12,000 subscribers. We share the promotional strategies that led to these numbers with all members of Viral Society just as they do with us!


Our collective learning platform consists of many great features. Every month we hold lab chats on specific video promotion topics. Examples include:

Video monetization through YouTube
Viral video creation: The ingredients
Video deconstruction: Popular video analysis
Discussion: Analysis of high income online videos
Video keyword optimization & research
Leveraging social networks to help drive views
Conducting thumbnail A/B tests to optimize video performance
Channel authority strengthening

We also offer monthly progress charts that ranks our members progress on the the main site as well as their specific category pages. Besides providing a little friendly competition, it allows you to keep track on what users are consistently performing well and by clicking on their account you’ll be able to see their video case study which illustrates how they were able to achieve such great results. Think of this as a sort of stock market game, where the currency being tracked are video views and subscribers.

We also offer a private moderated community where members can go to discuss a wide variety of online promotional techniques.

Lastly, we offer exclusive, in-depth white papers that dig deep into the analysis of what makes a video popular. Each week we share multiple white papers with our membership base.




Viral Society is currently in Beta Mode with a test group of members. We will be launching the service to the public on April 30th, 2013. If you’re interested in becoming a member you can sign up for our introductory fee of only $79 for 1 year of access. 

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