Why You Should Start Your Filmmaking Journey This New Year

Building an even better online film school experience.

An invitation to enroll – and save $100 before January 26.

The New Year represents an opportunity to look both ahead and behind.

Here at Lights Film School, as 2018 begins, we’re taking a moment to reflect on how we evolved to meet the needs of our growing community in 2017… And to share a little something special with you. ?

But first, the year in review!

Perhaps most notably, our students gained access to a brand new website, built from the ground up to foster relationships between filmmakers around the world. Here’s a sneak peek:

At the same time, both our filmmaking and music video courses were revised with updated content and refreshed to deliver an even more intuitive and comprehensive educational experience. A Lab Chat was added to our roster of live teaching events, our sound effects and music libraries were expanded with extra tracks and options, and under-the-hood improvements have brought balance to The Force greater speed and stability sitewide.

Meanwhile, we’ve doubled down on our social media engagements – loving all of the conversations across channels, you guys! – and supercharged our content creation efforts. Lauren, one of our teachers here at LFS, has joined me in serving up regular, hearty portions of learning and inspiration here on our blog for everyone to enjoy.

Basically, Lights Film School is more refined, accessible, and interactive than it’s ever been, advancing our longtime mission of breaking down the barriers to film education around the world. We strive to bring a film school experience to everyone everywhere, and to that end, I’m incredibly excited to work with the LFS team in developing new initiatives for the New Year!

I’m also being intentional about setting goals in other areas of my life. Foremost among them is building more of a routine.

The Lights Film School team is distributed, which means that, like our students, we’re from all over the world. For my part, I travel quite a bit. Last year whisked me around three continents, and although I’m grateful to have a chance to explore so many different cultures and countries, the constant movement can get in the way of life balance.

The plan for 2018 is to travel more slowly, affording more time for relationships with friends and family and creative projects like my feature-length screenplay. It’s all too easy to prioritize the urgent over the important, especially when your days are spent juggling travel logistics across planes, trains, and automobiles!

Exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia, where they shot some of HBO’s Game of Thrones!

What are your New Year goals?

Do they involve filmmaking? Perhaps you want to learn how to make movies but are on the fence about actually doing it. Maybe you aren’t sure where to start, or maybe you’re debating whether or not it’s worth the effort, or maybe you’re considering procrastinating until next year – there’s always 2019, right?

I’ve learned the hard way that the dangerous thing about procrastination is that it can become a habit. One day you wake up and you’re sixty and you realize you’re no closer to realizing your dreams than you were at twenty-five.

I think about that a lot.

In fact, one of my metrics for decision making is whether or not sixty-year-old-me would regret not trying or doing something when I had the chance.

If this resonates, then I want to clue you into something special. I and the whole LFS team sincerely hope that it will encourage you to take the first steps in your filmmaking journey this year, should you feel called to embark! We do what we do at a fraction of the cost of alternatives because we care passionately about creating radical access to film education – our guiding light for the past 10 years and onward into our eleventh.

So, until Friday, January 26, you’ll automatically save $100 on the cost of enrollment in our online film school. ? That means that while we kick off 2018, the base enrollment level is a one-time cost of $499 $399. Period.

Of course, your teachers and peers will be with you every step of the way as you learn how to make professional narrative and documentary films, using the equipment you already have, wherever you live in the world. You’ll gain access to our growing international community of filmmakers and a comprehensive filmmaking course that’s more guided than a blog, more interactive than a textbook, and more flexible than traditional film school.

Sound good? Ready to get started or simply want to learn more? Then let’s go! Take a look around and jump into your studies during our New Year Sale. We’d love to be a part of your filmmaking journey this year!

Whether or not you choose to enroll in our internet film school in the coming days, you can find us here on our blog, community newsletter, and social media channels. We’ll be creating and curating valuable content for you and the rest of the world’s indie filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

Let’s face it. From a sociopolitical perspective, 2017 was a difficult and complicated year. Moving forward, we need to listen to each other – to use our passion and power as filmmakers to facilitate clear and open communication. “Cinema is universal,” legendary director Alejandro Iñárritu reminds us, “Beyond flags and borders and passports.”

May we inspire, challenge, and encourage each other through the medium we love, whatever our language, country of residence, and beliefs, now and throughout 2018.

To new beginnings, friends!

 Michael Koehler, with


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