Launching Our New Music Video Course

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."


Become a music video director.

At 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Saturday, August 1, 1981, a new television network rocketed into existence, airing footage from NASA’s first Space Shuttle launch with footage from the launch of Apollo 11, set to a bold rock and roll tune. In images of Apollo 11’s moon landing, the American flag was replaced with something else entirely: a colorful inset logo for “Music Television”, also known as MTV.

For arguably the first time, MTV brought the concept of “music video” to the public. “It was like the difference between silent films and talkies,” musician Ann Wilson reflects. “All of a sudden, records could be seen. You could just put it on and party around the TV.”

In the early days of the format, there were few videos and fewer rules governing their production. Today, the industry has evolved, and the public’s passion for music videos persists.

So, too, does the interest of many of our readers and prospective students. Here at Lights, we frequently field messages asking if we offer a stand-alone music video course in addition to our filmmaking course. For a long time, our answer was, “Sorry, no, not yet.” But this year… This year, we can answer, “Thank you, yes, right now.”


Apollo 11 Command and Service Modules During the Lunar Landing Mission | NASA Images, Public Domain

Just a few months ago, we quietly launched a new online course – sans space footage and rock and roll music, I’m afraid – designed specifically for aspiring music video directors. Since then, we’ve invested countless hours polishing its presentation, and now we’re ready to highlight its existence for everyone interested. Learn how “video killed the radio star”, investigate interviews with professional music video directors, and work through our A to Z guide to produce your own music video.

To learn more about this course that’s fresh out of the gates, simply visit this page.

We’re thrilled to kick off 2015 with an addition to our course offerings. Thanks to all aspiring music video directors for your patience, and Happy New Year!


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