Filmmaker Inspiration: If You're F*cking

We’re going to be doing an entire feature on our blog shortly called Viral Society about what it takes for a video to get more video views. We recently stumbled upon a fairly new YouTube channel called Jash which is a comedy collective made up of some of the best known comedians (Michael Cera and Sarah Silvan to name only two).

We will be doing a feature post about Jash shortly, but for now take a look at a sample of online content they are creating. Their goal is to help shine the spotlight on great comedic talent through their partnership with YouTube. They give their creators complete creative autonomy and they promise their audience that “boundaries will be pushed”.

The video below is by Reggie Watts and is entitled “If You’re F*cking, You’re F*cking”. Enjoy!

Warning: The video below contains strong language and sexual references.


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