Voiceover and Intercutting in "Woodhouse"

2 distinctive techniques come together in this unusual short film.


When unusual style serves an unusual story.

Writer and Director Fred Rowson blends whimsey and melancholy in Woodhouse, a short film with a style as unique as its subject matter.

Patient and fluid camera moves carry us through the Woodhouse Nature Reserve and its surroundings in Southeast London. A storybook narrator connects character to character: a little girl, a restless old man, and a successful journalist investigate the possibility that “some creature is living” in the tangled depths of the nature reserve. Could their suspicions be true?

The voiceover – often perceived as a crutch for weak storytelling – and the intercutting – often the territory of feature films – are well matched and well executed in Rowson’s eight minute tale. Ultimately, Woodhouse is a colorful exploration of imagination, skepticism, and man’s obsession with the supernatural, quietly and skillfully presented.

 Michael Koehler, with

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