Narrative Perspective, "Grandma's Not a Toaster!"

Exploring Cinematic Point of View

Who’s telling the story?

Here at Lights we often discuss the question of narrative perspective – what point of view does the camera assume, and why? How does this inform the storytelling? What about the audience’s experience of the storytelling?

Well, director Andrew Napier engages with this question head-on in his dark screwball comedy Grandma’s Not a Toaster!, written by and starring Academy Award Winner Shawn Christensen, about “a whiskey-guzzling-mother-to-be, Susannah, [who] tries to persuade her neurotic brother Arnie into helping her steal their ailing Grandmother’s fortune”.

The choreography, cinematography, and editing synergize beautifully in this zany ten minute short! What did you think?

 Michael Koehler, with

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