A Short Film to Inspire Feature Filmmakers

Maximize your short film's screentime to pack the punch of a feature.


Story Moments.

Many successful short films are structured around single “story moments”.

Said differently, if a feature film is akin to a novel, then a short film is akin to a poem.

Generally, a good short is contained. It doesn’t bite off more than it can chew. It embraces instead of tries to improvise around the limitations of its running time. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of attempting to squeeze too much story into too few pages – 9 times out of 10, the end product sags beneath this excess weight, a feature in the guise of a short that’s hamstrung by its masquerade.

Occasionally there are exceptions.

From Sevilla | Bram Schouw

From Sevilla | Bram Schouw

Director Bram Schouw’s Sevilla tells the story of a road trip undertaken by three teenagers, the outcome of which changes their lives forever. It is a profound and bittersweet reflection on the beauty and recklessness of youth; the bond of friendship and adventures shared; the fragility of life, and the persistence of memory.

There’s more here – handled deftly and more sensitively – than there is in many Hollywood blockbusters. Moreover, Sevilla successfully interweaves two timelines in merely eleven minutes, a technique that often requires more screentime.

The bottom line is that Schouw’s short manages to pack the punch of a feature. It is an inspiration especially for indie filmmakers producing short films with an eye toward longer content.

Check it out:

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