Who we are, what we do, and why.

Hi there! Michael here. 👋

I know I speak for all of us at Lights Film School when I say I love sharing my filmmaking experience with others. Noah, Jenn, Lauren, Jeffrey… Together, we believe that every aspiring filmmaker deserves a chance to learn and go after their dreams.

So we created a complete film school experience online. It’s an affordable education that’s available wherever you have an internet connection.

Quality education shouldn’t force you to go into debt. You shouldn’t have to uproot your life and relocate to a different city or country.

On the contrary, we believe that quality education should be reasonably priced and easily accessible. You should be able to pursue your passion for filmmaking where you already are, at your own pace, without having to take out loans you’ll be paying down for years to come (like I am).

There is a different way today. A new way, powered by the internet and fueled by our mission to help you unlock your full creative potential.

Because you have a story to tell that only you can tell, friend. You have a message to share with the world. Whatever your financial situation, wherever you live, Lights Film School exists to help you become the filmmaker you know in your heart you were meant to be.

My Personal Call to Action

I volunteered as a relief worker overseas, fresh out of college.

My travels took me far from home, deep in the wilderness, where I made friends with people who were eager to learn how to make movies. They were talented. Passionate. But their circumstances limited their opportunities. They didn’t have passports to travel, let alone tens of thousands of dollars to invest in higher education like I’d had.

For me, this is where the Lights Film School story begins.

I felt compelled to take what I’d learned at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, combine it with my professional industry experiences, and offer that expertise to everyone who wasn’t in a position to attend traditional film school. In so doing, I wanted to wake people up to how much they can achieve, whatever their circumstances. There’s so much more to filmmaking than just climbing the Hollywood ladder!

To be clear, Lights Film School doesn’t strive to replace the need for brick-and-mortar institutions. As university graduates ourselves, I and my team strongly respect their importance in our communities. But they cost a tremendous amount of money and time that not everyone has.

So Lights Film School offers an alternative:

No more sky-high debt, no more geographic barriers, and no more regimented schedules. No more guesswork, stress, or overwhelm, either, since this is film school – online. It’s the training, mentorship, and community you need to achieve your goals as a filmmaker, on your terms.

Why We’re Not Just Another “Online Course”

Unlike most online courses, we’re with you every step of the way.

Which means we walk our students through the entire filmmaking process, and help them create a short film in as little as three months. Seriously.

We’re tired of “teaching” that overpromises and under-delivers, producing no real results. The internet is full of that, and enough is enough. Shallow quick fixes don’t make the cut at Lights Film School. Neither do generalized tips and tricks. Our students deserve true depth and individualized guidance. Training and mentorship that cuts through the noise, reflects cinema’s beauty and complexity, and meets you where you are.

Since no one should feel alone in their filmmaking journey, right?

Or worse yet, like it’s over before it even starts, just because you got dealt a rotten hand. Your circumstances should not determine how far you can go.

Please hear this, friend:

You don’t need a degree to become a filmmaker. You don’t need expensive equipment or an apartment near Beverly Hills. All you need is the passion and commitment to see your dreams through. You can make fantastic movies with the resources you have, right where you are.

We’ll show you how, and cheer you across the finish line (and beyond)!

Our goal to give you the same sort of “leg up” that traditional film schools gave us, by offering you a complete film school experience.

All at a fraction of the cost.

10+ Years of Indie Film Spirit

It’s hard for me to believe, but Lights Film School started all the way back in 2007.

For more than a decade, I and my team have been teaching thousands of students from dozens of different countries, while facing many of the same restrictions that indie filmmakers face.

In fact, we’re all indie filmmakers ourselves, so we know how to bootstrap creative solutions. Which is to say, we work with what we’ve got. We’re not a large or ridiculously rich film school… We simply have a love for filmmaking. And for helping you act on yours!

To that end, our educational philosophy:

  • Holds your work accountable to the same high production standard as studio films. Because you can achieve professional results at any budget, and because “indie” is not an excuse for poor quality content.
  • Encourages you to be brave in your storytelling. As indie filmmakers, we may not be able to compete with Hollywood on big names, big locations, and truckloads of fancy equipment. But we can compete with big productions creatively, telling stories that tend to be too bold or risky for them to tell.
  • Gives you as many “creative angles” on filmmaking as possible, since there’s no right way to make movies. Yes, there are established conventions, and they’re all covered in Lights Film School’s curriculum. But we also introduce you to alternative approaches and maverick ways of thinking, so that you can discover and apply what most inspires you. Consequently, you grow into your own unique creative voice and vision.
  • Helps you understand all aspects of the filmmaking process. You graduate with a full understanding of the craft, not just one specific role or department. Film is naturally a multifaceted, interconnected art form, and our teaching both embraces and simplifies its complexity.
  • Adapts to the tools you have available. We don’t force you to use a specific camera or editing program. Instead, Lights Film School is proudly “platform agnostic”. Meaning, what we teach is much deeper and more foundational than what you’d find in just an instruction manual or help document, and it’s relevant regardless of what equipment you’re using.

Let’s break down the barriers to quality education, friend. And let’s connect you to your power and potential as an independent filmmaker. It’s time to step into your true role as a storyteller for the screen!

If you have any thoughts, questions, or just want to say hello, please feel free to get in touch with me and the Lights Film School team.

We’d love to hear from you!

 Michael, with



Let’s break down the barriers to quality education together – and connect you to your power and potential as an independent filmmaker:

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