The world seems kind of crazy right now.

Culture wars rage, politics don’t exactly make for the most peaceful of dinner table conversations, social injustices abound, climate change seriously threatens our future, there’s just a lot going on these days… It’s easy to feel powerless. But YOU sense an opportunity. A call to action. You feel like you can make a difference.

Because you can.

We may not be superheroes policymakers, but we’re tastemakers. Idea-setters, opinion-shapers, conversation-starters and culture-movers:


You love cinema, and you know in your heart it’s no longer enough to stand on the sidelines. It’s time to get into the game… To develop your individual creative voice, and shine a light on what matters most to you. So we started Lights Film School.

 Michael, with


Lights Film School exists to help you learn the art and craft of filmmaking on your schedule, without getting lost or overwhelmed. Transform your passion into practice, champion your message, and become the filmmaker only you can be.

We’ve watched this happen for 1000s of students from 87+ countries and counting, ever since Lights Film School sparked to life all the way back in 2007:

“I didn’t have the $60,000 it necessitated for me to go to film school; I couldn’t afford to do it. So Lights Film School offered me an opportunity to expand my knowledge, but it also fit my budget… The community at Lights is really for me one of the most exceptional things… Being able to talk to other budding filmmakers across the world. It’s been a fantastic journey.”

Travis Hadley

“Because of my schedule, I couldn’t attend film school, which is also quite a big investment. I got to know Lights Film School and understand a very different value proposition… And for me it made complete sense. It makes you start getting your hands dirty within the filmmaking process, even if you have never done it. It’s a safe space, and you learn so much.”

Julia Johansson

“I had just started to take an interest in the film industry. And since film schools are expensive, I thought Lights Film School would be a good alternative. The program helped me improve in all aspects of filmmaking… I got to take my time, making sure that I really mastered the different teachings. It allowed me to put my absolute best into my final project!”

Raphaël Kadishi

The world would be a better place if everyone had a shot at their dreams… The opportunity to unlock their fullest potentials and share their fullest selves. 

Which is why we believe you shouldn’t have to blow up your life, or go into debt, just to learn how to make movies: 

“Thanks to Lights Film School, I have a strong understanding of how to make a great film in my voice! LFS challenged my knowledge and improved my filmmaking skills 100 fold... This is a program for serious filmmaking students who want to learn. It’s not a chop shop where you pay a fee and expect a certification shortly thereafter. All the while, LFS encourages you to use your voice in your film to tell your story. Best of luck to all the students at Lights Film School. Stay the course. You’re in great hands!”

Katherine Dickson

“I was skeptical because I was convinced I couldn’t get a quality film education from anything other than a 4-year university. I’ve bought books and purchased video series, but nothing gave me that in-depth experience I wanted. What I was looking for was something cost-effective, project-based, and community-centered. I’m glad to say LFS fits the bill on all levels. The knowledge I’m gaining is just what I needed, and I feel confident that this school is preparing me for the creative expression I always wanted.”

Shomari Sawyer

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I enrolled in Lights Film School after researching different options, but rapidly discovered that this hands-on filmmaking program far surpassed any previous expectations… The flexibility was ideal, allowing me to study in a complementary manner with prior commitments. I cannot thank enough the teachers at LFS for kickstarting my career and highly recommend the filmmaking program. What you would get at your local film school would not even compare.”

Marcelle Abela

(Or, get to know us and our passion for indie film, education, & you)!

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