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How to enroll in our Shanghai film classes

Enrolling in Lights Film School has never been easier from China. Our Shanghai film school branch is a great way for people to get their film education online.

We offer a 4 month intensive program where you teach you everything you need to know about filmmaking. From screenwriting and directing to cinematography and marketing you'll learn everything you need to know in order to become a great and successful filmmaker.

When you enroll in our Shanghai film course you'll be sent a student package which includes 2 books and over 1000 pages of up to date and advanced filmmaking information. You'll also be sent a DVD and lecture notes to help guide you through the filmmaking process.

Best of all our course cost a fraction of the cost in enrollment fees that other film school charge. For only a few hundred dollars you can sign up for our film school and start learning right away. We literally help save you thousands of dollars in film course enrollment fees.

Another great element to our film classes are that they are project based. This means that you'll asked to complete many practical and hands on film assignments that will help ensure you become the best possible filmmaker you can become.

Our film school teachers will grade, critique and review all assignments that you submit through our online student submission community. This personalized attention and care is another great feature of our course. However, it is just one of the many great components of our film lessons.

To learn more about our Shanghai film school simply visit our homepage. There you will learn more about enrollment fees, grant applications and our course curriculum.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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Feature Films
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Film School News

Dec 1st 2007: Lights Film School secures contract with musician to add a music video editing component to the course Read more...

June 19th 2007: Lights Film School changes course reading material to include a new book on storyboarding and creating scenes frame by frame  Read more...