Mexico City Film School

Enroll in our Mexico City film course

If you're living in Mexico City and you're looking to enroll in a film school then look no further. Lights Film School offers an intensive 4 month film program online. We offer an assortment of course modules ranging from directing and cinematography to editing and film distribution. Best of all, since our course is online you will be enrolled with other students from around the globe and you can start and stop the course at your own convenience.

Our film course is project based not time based. This means, if evenings and weekends are more convenient for you to complete your assignments, that will have no bearing on your success as a student at Lights Film School. In fact, in you can take as long as you need to complete the course. We provide a framework for you to complete the course in 4 months, but  you can take as long as you want (i.e. 8 months, 24 months etc) without a penalty. We would rather see you take your time working through our film course rather than hastily working through the lectures for the sake of a deadline. Simple visit our Mexico City Film School homepage for more information


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