How to Make a Professional Music Video – Online Course

music video course online

Thank you for your interest in the Music video Creation Course. This 1 month course will teach aspiring music video directors and producers how to make a music video and how to ensure the music video meets the increasingly high expectations of your audience.

What Our Online Music Video Course Includes

The Music Video Creation Short Course will include the following elements

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Music Video History & Record Labels
  • 3. Finding the Right Collaborators
  • 4. Idea Conceptualization & Imagination
  • 5. The Visual Hook
  • 6. Music Video Templates & Structures
  • 7. Pre-production
  • 8. Music Video Cinematography
  • 9. Shooting
  • 10. Editing & Workflow for HQ Video Output
  • 11. Color Correction
  • 12. Titles & Typography
  • 13. Publishing

You’ll also get access to the following services:

FORMS CENTER: Our student’s are given access to the our forms center where they can download the most commonly used forms and contracts that are used by music video directors.

MIRROR PROGRAM: Similarly, our students are given access to our “mirror program” where they can download work files from a professionally shot music video to edit on your own computer.

LAB CHATS: Our students are given access to monthly lab chat which are live online lectures that take place at pre-determined times and generally last for about 2 hours each. These lab chats go into more depth on a particular topic from within our course (such as music video lighting or treatment writing).

MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR INTERVIEWS: Our students are also given access to in depth interviews from directors working in the filed of music videos. Learn from the experience and advice of professionals!

VIDEO TUTORIAL LIBRARY: Students of our course are also given access to our library of video tutorials covering topics concerning cinematography.

GRADING CENTER: Students also get an opportunity for 1-on-1 personalized feedback and critique in our online student grading center.

SOCIAL PLATFORM: Our music video program is built on a program that allows for community conversation and involvement. Think of our social platform as a sort of Facebook for filmmakers. You’ll be able to setup a profile, share your work and see what other students in our course are up to.

Want to Learn How to Make a Music Video?

Our online music video course is broken up into easy to manage and understand course modules. Each module will outline the details of each particular step using a series of teaching tools: Video tutorials, behind the scenes photographs, written lectures and hands on assignments. This course is a step by step foundation course to help you become a better music video director!

Our music video course is an “add-on course” to our main filmmaking course. You can enroll in the music video course by visiting our homepage here.