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Lights Film School is an online film education provider. We are currently allowing enrollments in our online film school from people living in Edmonton and other large Canadian cities.

If you are living in Edmonton and currently looking for a film school then Lights Film School can provide you with a state of the art, practical and hands on film education. Even though you'll be taking our class from Edmonton you'll be enrolled with other film students from all over the world. From Argentina and France to Australia to Japan. Our online film school is a truly global learning environment.

Best of all our Edmonton film school enrollment fees are a small fraction of the cost of other Edmonton film courses. You will literally save thousands of dollars by enrolling in our classes. However, this is simply because we have a very scaled back infrastructure. The learning material is the same they use in college and university level courses. You will be provided with over 1000 pages of learning material, DVD's and lecture notes.

Our Edmonton film course takes about 4 months to complete but our students can choose to take as long as they like or work as quickly through the material as they like. Our Film lessons are project based not time based which means you won't have your personal schedule interfered with and you can work on our film curriculum whenever you have the time.

To learn more about our Edmonton film school simply click on our home page to learn more about enrollment, fees, curriculum and what past students have to say about our course.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Course Breakdown

Ideas & Funding
Cinematography & Composition
Feature Films
Short Films
Preproduction / Post Production
Music & Sound
Publicity / Marketing & Distribution
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Film School News

Dec 1st 2007: Lights Film School secures contract with musician to add a music video editing component to the course Read more...

June 19th 2007: Lights Film School changes course reading material to include a new book on storyboarding and creating scenes frame by frame  Read more...