Film School in Derby - UK

Enroll in our online film course from Derby.

Lights Film School Online offers a filmmaking program to Derby residents that teaches both documentary and fiction filmmakers alike the A-Z's of the filmmaking process. You'll learn everything from cinematography and directing to editing and screenwriting. It's a comprehensive online course that takes approximately 4 months to complete.

As you work your way through our online modules (video + text tutorials), you'll soon start to develop a series of scripts and short video projects to add to your resume and demo reel.

Our course consists of 7 different modules. They are:

1: Screenwriting
2: Directing
3: Cinematography - Composition / Movement / Lighting
4: Sound Design
5: Editing
6: Documentary Filmmaking
7: Film Marketing & Distribution

Our online film course takes an "outcomes based" approach to education. This simply means that our educational focus is on helping you strive to develop a strong portfolio of written and video work in the genres or creative areas that interest you most.

Our film school is not only comprehensive, but it's also interactive, which means you'll receive one on one feedback and support from our teachers. We take your progress as a filmmaker very seriously and will constantly push you to strive further with each subsequent project you work on.

At Lights Film School we understand that every filmmaker is unique which is why we've designed our film curriculum to be mouldable to each filmmaker's personal interests and ideas.

You'll also get opportunities to chat with other students by attending our monthly online LAB CHATS. These live lectures are generally 2 hours long and cover a wide range of topics from screenwriting and cinematography to film theory and directing. Our lab chat schedule is always changing, but last month we had 6 lab chats. They were:

1: Building Tension: A Close look at Munich
2: Introduction to Camera Movement
3. An Introduction to Western Dramatic Structure
4: Re-writing
5: Cinematography & Design for Independent Cinema
6: The Art of Lighting: Where do I Begin?


We enroll film students with vastly different interests in film. Some of our students want to become feature film directors, documentary filmmakers, music video directors, writers or producers. Regardless of what your individual interests are, we can teach you how to make your projects as professional as possible. The only thing we require from you is that you are self motivated. There is no "attendance" grade. Therefore it's important that you take your film education seriously and make our course a scheduled part of your weekly activities.

If this sounds like it might be of interest to you please read our film school page for Derby.

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