Cairo Film School

Enroll in our Cairo film course

Living in Cairo and looking for a high quality film school? Lights Film School offers an online film course that will help you become a much better filmmaker. Our course is comprehensive covering a wide range of topics including directing, sound, cinematography and lighting, and the course take approximately 4 months to complete.

Best of all, because our film school is located online you'll be able to interact with students from around the world. Not only that, but our online learning environment allows you to complete the course at your own pace and during a time that is convenient for you. Our film course is project based, not time based meaning you'll have the opportunity to work slowly as you get to know complex film theories and practical technical issues of the craft.

You'll also get the opportunity to have your independently produces assignments reviewed and graded by one of our own film course instructors. This 1 on 1 time with a film teacher will help you identify areas that you need to spend more time on and will help you progress quickly and naturally as a filmmaker!

To learn more, click on the following link: Cairo Film School main page


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