Best Video Camera for under $1000 – 2010

We’re frequently asked the question “What is the best video camera I can get for under $1000”. Without knowing your intended use, it’s difficult to answer this question, but there are a couple of cameras in this price range that have proven to impress us time and time again. The two cameras

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How to Sell Stock Video Footage

If you’re a filmmaker or videographer there has never been a better time than now to start selling stock video footage. Stock video is in high demand for companies, particularly smaller ones, who are looking to add production value to their promotional material but don’t have the budget to hire out a creative team to […]

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DSLR Matte Box: Why Use One?

A matte box is an integral part of an independent filmmaker’s toolbox. However, due to the simple design of a matte box, many filmmakers are confused over the products high price and wonder to themselves, why they should even spend the money on a matte box in the first place. The price is associated with […]

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