Lights Film School held another screenwriting lab chat tonight called “The Paradigm of Dramatic Structure”. The lab chat explored the theme of screenwrting structure. The description for the class was:

“One thing that all good stories have in common is a beginning, a middle, and end. A screenplay is no different. In order to hold all of these elements in place, we need structure — a form — the paradigm. — the foundation – not formula – of a good screenplay. In this session we will be dissecting the paradigm and putting it through the test. I encourage you all to bring a film – that truly works! – to the table so we can run it through the paradigm machine. We all want to be the first to create something unique and innovative, but remember: we must first examine and analyze our foundations before we can attempt to create something truly productive.”

At the end of the class we created the chart you’ll find below. Print it up, put it on your fridges. It’s meant to act as a blueprint (not a formula) for a strong story!

Click here to enlarge & print


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